Wednesday, March 23, 2011

List My 5

List My 5 is a site where users create top 5 lists and earn residual income from the ad revenue generated on their lists. It's still a fairly new and small site, but I've really been enjoying writing on it. The community there is really nice, and I've actually learned quite a bit reading other people's lists.

Here are a couple of mine (relevant to your interests, I hope):
The Top 5 Things to Eat When You're Broke
The Top 5 Tips for Cutting Your Grocery Bills With Amazon
The Top 5 Items at Trader Joe's For Under Two Dollars

Good things about List My 5:
  • Payout is only $10, and they pay with Paypal.
  • You can write lists quickly and easily, and about literally anything (well, anything non-vulgar or offensive, I suppose.)
  • The user base there has a lot of great tips for earning money online (there are many lists about other paid-to-write sites that I'd have never known about.)
  • You can post 5 links of your choosing per list: great for posting your referral or affiliate links!
  • You get profile awards for reaching various goals (10 day listing streak, etc) which, while useless, are kinda fun to aim for.
  • You retain all ownership of your content. (yay!)
  • It's easy to post your list on Twitter or Facebook.
Not-so-good things about List My 5:
  • It's still new and small, and while the small user base means that your articles get noticed by other users, it also means that they won't generate much attention outside of the site itself (unless you personally promote it.)
  • It doesn't seem like any of the users have made much money yet. (I've personally made 30 cents, but it's only been 3 weeks for me.)
  • You are limited in your ability to design the list (no images are allowed, you can't use bold or italic, and you can't use symbols in the title.) Of course, this also means that you don't have to be subjected to really terrible-looking lists. :)
  • Annoying captchas must be inputted whenever submitting OR editing a list.

Overall impression:
Even though I've only made 30 cents, I'm going to stick with it. Top 5 lists are really fun to write, and like I said, I've learned a bunch of cool stuff from reading other people's lists. Some of my friends have told me they learned something from my lists, which made me feel pretty good. :) I like helping people. Besides, if the site gets really popular, I'll already have content up that will start earning revenue.

I'm pretty new to paid-to-write sites, but this seems like a good start. You can just sign up and start writing, and there doesn't seem to be any risk of your lists being randomly deleted (unless you're writing inappropriate content or spam, obviously.)