Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Legit free stuff part 3: get a job...with benefits

If you're reading this, you probably aren't pulling down a great deal of cash, even if you are working. The paradox of being poor is that you can quite literally work your ass off and at the end of the day, still not have enough for groceries.

Most students work part-time, so getting stuff like health benefits and sick pay are pretty unlikely. But there are plenty of places to work that might give you an increase in your quality of life by providing other random benefits.

restaurants, cafes and food shops
...will usually at least give you a discount, or one free meal per shift. Many places like bakeries and cafes often have a lot of unsellable food left over at the end of the day. This can be a great source of food (whether they let you take it, or you fish it out of the dumpster later.)

warehouses (or the offices connected to them)
Especially if they're dealing with perishables, stuff past its "freshness date" or anything with damaged packaging often gets hucked, or left out for employees to take. I worked for a tea retailer for 2 years, and my closets are still overflowing with unopened packages of high quality loose tea (plus some random chipped teaware and other goodies.) I may not be able to live on tea, but I do drink it all the time, and it can also be swapped to friends for more useful things.

Have a cup on me.

office jobs
Okay, don't be that guy that steals office supplies, but you can often find useful stuff that's being tossed out, especially at places that turn over electronics like it's their religion. An office job can also be a decent source of free food; even if they aren't providing free donuts or whatnot, people often leave extra stuff for anyone to take in break rooms.

These are just my experiences, I know people who get free clothes, free catered food, free travel... Has anyone gotten anything totally amazing for free from their job?

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  1. I got a lamination machine barely used and worth $350 for free! The office was going to toss it but they decided to "see if that art girl wanted it first". I took it because it was free. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with it XD

    I also got a mannequin for free. I used it so I could sell my clothes online. You've probably seen it before when I posted my clothes a few months back :)