Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time to pay the piper, bitch.

It's been awhile! I hope everyone is doing well on their efforts to save money. :) Did anyone else get that sweet LivingSocial deal the other day? $10 for a $20 gift card! I was able to get mine for free by getting 3 referrals. $20 worth of free food on Amazon Grocery? That's what I'm talking about. :D

What else is new with me? Well, you'll be pleased to hear that I am no longer a broke college student! That's right, I am now officially a broke college drop-out! Which brings me to my next (and possibly most important) money-saving tip: Never, never, EVER go to college.

So now I'm working on paying back my student loans, which means I'm going to be broker and more fabulous than ever! Speaking of debt, I found an interesting new site: CreditKarma. It's actually 100% free, and you can access your credit score whenever you want (which, one would think, is how it SHOULD be, but I've unfortunately been hosed by "free credit score" sites before. On that note, why the hell should I have to provide my credit score to a potential landlord? I'M the one giving YOU money, dickbag.) Anyway, they also have a lot of neat tools and calculators to help manage your debt and raise your credit score.

According to that site I'll be out of debt by, oh, 2060. Awesome!

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